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Transform How Your Team Works, Leads, and Creates

We design workplace cultures that accelerate collaboration, agility, and innovation.

Why Culture Design?

What’s Stopping Your Team from Doing Their Best Work?

Most Organizations Don’t Lack Ideas, Talent or Resources

Instead, they lack a conducive culture where employees are encouraged to collaborate, take initiative and experiment beyond perceived limitations.

Imagine what your company could achieve with your teams optimized to bring their best effort and ideas to the table.

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Build a Purpose-Driven Organization

Culture Canvas

Improve Trust, Experimentation & Agility

The Culture Design Canvas is a visual tool to map and design your organizational culture. Use the tool to drive clarity, alignment, and identify areas for improvement.

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the culture design canvas is a mapping tool to visualize your current company and team culture and design your future workplace culture
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Let Innovation Thrive

Fearless Cultures Provide Stronger,
Positive Results


Fearless cultures are 30% more innovative


Fearless cultures provide 30-200% superior business performance


Fearless cultures are 84% more open to transform

Tools for Cultural Transformation


Tools to Drive Organizational Change

Actionable resources to inspire and equip leaders to make positive change. From articles and books to tools and exercises – we are continually adding new resources. Subscribe to our weekly insights and be the first to know.

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Expand your leadership knowledge

Fearless Culture Blog

5 Things That Separate the Best Workplace Cultures From The Rest

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12 Examples of Powerful Cultures from Successful Companies

Learn from the best organizations. Discover how these successful companies build powerful workplace cultures to drive change.

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Uncover the Stinky Fish Canvas

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Our results


Marc McLaughlin



Gustavo is a master craftsman in the art of change leadership. A fine balance between thoughtfulness, empathy, and being ruthlessly punchy is a hard balance to find and a hard act to follow. I would fully recommend Fearless Culture to teams of all shapes and sizes.

Nina Kim

Director Organizational Integration

The Royal

"Fearless Culture enabled our team to embrace organizational culture as a journey versus a finite destination. Their tools and guidance have equipped us to intentionally build this process within our organization."

Sam Yankelevich


North Carolina, USA

Strongly recommended! Workshop session content is deep and very well explained by a very professional and experienced team. The different canvases serve as a step by step, logical guide for anyone wanting to facilitate in-house OR if you are a consultant/team facilitator.

Susan Teague

Learning & Development Director


Gustavo and his facilitation team are experienced in guiding companies through deliberate culture changes, and teaching others how to do the same. It's definitely worth the time and money investment.

Brianne Davis


North America

Gustavo and his team are excellent to work with. We gained a lot of insight on how to transform into a fearless culture. Gustavo is great on so many levels - his articles, presentation, and workshops are all helpful and full of value. I would recommend him to any business for a variety of topics!

Saari Soliz

Director of Enrollment

University of Phoenix

Gustavo is a master teacher, upskilling others to be cutting edge leadership change agents. His courses are irreplaceable! Well worth the time and financial investment!”

Shimon Amar


Ohalo College of Education, Israel

Gustavo's contribution to the success of our conference has already caused educators to start leading changes in their organizations.

Bonnie Shifrin

Director of Membership

Chicago Ideas

Fearless Culture’s eye-opening sold out workshops challenged conventional thinking on how to build teams and solve problems.

Cole Jacobs

Membership Director

Prime Global

Gustavo’s content is timely and of the utmost importance to hear and understand during this everchanging time in the business world. He challenged attendees to think and to be ready and open to unavoidable changes in the profession.

Federico Casabianca


Spain Agile Conference

Gustavo addressed an interesting topic: democratizing leadership. He provided the new mindsets required to accelerate agile transformations.



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