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Resources to Drive Organizational Change

Change resources to inspire and equip leaders to make positive change.

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the culture design canvas a tool to map, nurture and build strong workplace cultures for both team and organizations

Culture Design Canvas

A visual tool to map your current workplace culture and design the future state

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the stinky fish canvas is a visual tool to address team issues in the open, solve problem and drive alignment

Uncover the Stinky Fish Canvas

A quick way to uncover the problem that teams carry around but, because they don’t address them, they start to stink

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the cultural tensions canvas is a tool to map emotions, mindsets, and behaviors that drive expected results

Cultural Tensions Canvas

Tensions can bring teams together or tear them apart. Map and solve your team tensions with this tool.

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Reframe the loss canvas a tool to understand how teams react and deal with corporate change

Reframe the Loss of Change Canvas

Even when change is for the best, it involves a loss. This tool will help you reframe the emotional loss into a win.

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the core values canvas is a visual tool to define your company core values and drive team alignment

Core Values Canvas

Define your company values by identifying what inflates or deflates your workplace culture.

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the team purpose canvas is a tool to define your team purpose and drive team alignment

Team Purpose Canvas

Use this tool to define and craft a powerful team purpose and energize your team.

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Books by Gustavo Razzetti, founder of Fearless Culture and Creator of the Culture Design Canvas


Remote not distant is a book to understand and thrive in the hybrid workplace by gustavo razzetti

Remote, Not Distant

Hybrid and remote work is here to stay. What will it take for your company to succeed in the new normal? Through insights, real-life examples, exercises, and experiments, you'll be able navigate today's rapidly changing workplace.

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stretch your team is a series of essays on team management and teamwork

Stretch Your Team

To succeed in an uncertain, unpredictable and fast-changing world, organizations must become more adaptive. This ebook introduces the Adaptive Teams framework and provides actionable exercises to stretch your team's behaviors and practices.

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Stretch for change book by gustavo razzetti to improve change fitness and thrive in life and business

Stretch for Change

Change is threatening for most of us. The good news is that we can prepare for it. Just as we train our bodies to be fitter, we can train our minds to thrive in change. Upgrade your mindset and behaviors. Stretch for change.

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