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Assess the Culture of Your Organization

Get a comprehensive quantitative diagnostic of the culture of your organization. Identify your dominant type of culture, gaps between ideal and real culture.

There Are Four Types of Culture

What Type of Culture Do You Have?

Find out your dominant culture

The Culture Identity Assessment Tool (CIAT) is an assessment survey for measuring organizational culture.

The model was created based on research by Gustavo Razzetti, the creator of the Culture Design Canvas. The CIAT provides a validated, visual, and quantitative profile of your current culture – both dominant and secondary.

The model is based in four types of organizational culture. Every organization has its own mix of these four types of workplace culture. The survey maps the dominant type of culture, as well as the secondary ones, identifying concrete areas of improvement.

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The CIAT measures tangible attributes of organizational culture directly tied to leadership, alignment, behavior, and performance. It provides a clear picture of the real culture using a 21-question survey.

Culture Assessment Survey

The Benefits for Your Organization

Why Asses the Type of Culture You Have?

Administer the CIAT in your organization to understand how members at all levels view culture and what’s expected of them, align your team, and prioritize the cultural dimensions to be improved.

Culture correlates with performance, growth, engagement, and innovation. A healthy workplace culture increases business performance by 20-30% compared to weak ones.

Assessing your company culture is the first check-in on culture – the starting point for designing the ideal culture. Our quantitative tool

The CIAT can be used to assess the culture of an organization or team, regardless of industry or size.

The CIAT culture profile uncovers:

  • The dominant type of culture
  • The strength of the current culture
  • Performance across the 7 key cultural dimensions
  • Gaps across the organization
  • The cultural dimensions that need to be improved
  • The proposed change: how to evolve your culture
  • The discrepancy between current and ideal culture

The Advantages of Culture Diagnosis

Find Out What’s Working and What’s Not in Your Culture

A Precise Model to Understand Your Company Culture

In one simple picture, find out the type of culture you have, uncovering what’s working and what’s not. Visualize gaps between the current and ideal culture, as well as across teams.

Measure the 7 key cultural dimensions: leadership, psychological safety, agility, alignment, belonging, decision-making, and behaviors that are rewarded and punished. Invite your team members to create a vision of the ideal culture.

The advantages of using the CIAT to assess your culture:

  • It provides a clear picture of your current culture
  • It’s quick to administer and simple to understand
  • It’s quantitative: you can compare dominant and secondary cultures
  • It promotes engagement by including all members if you want
  • It’s validated and used across different types of organizations
  • It measures culture across concrete cultural dimensions
  • It prioritizes courses of action
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