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Evolve Your Company with the Culture Design Canvas

The culture mapping tool aligns individuals towards a shared purpose, liberating the collective wisdom and problem-solving abilities of your team.

the culture design canvas is a mapping tool to visualize your current company culture and design the future state
The Culture Mapping Tool

Culture Canvas

Map, Assess and Evolve Workplace Culture

The Culture Design Canvas is the #1 visual workplace culture mapping tool. Used by over 500,000 professionals in 52 countries to drive clarity, alignment, and growth.

Evolve Your Company Culture

How to Use the Canvas

map your current company and team culture with the culture design canvas

Map Current Culture

The Culture Canvas is an easy to use tool to map your current organizational culture. Use this tool to drive clarity, alignment, and identify areas for improvement.

design and build your company culture using the culture design canvas mapping tool

Design Desired Culture

Use the canvas to design a new culture, whether you are a start-up or an existing business. The Culture Design Canvas helps define your desired future state.

design the future state of your company culture with the culture design canvas

Evolve Your Culture

The culture design mapping tool keeps your culture current and relevant. Use it to identify gaps or opportunities and to explore possibilities.

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Map Your Culture

Master the Culture Design Canvas

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Gustavo razzetti the creator of the culture design canvas presenting the mapping tool in a workshop in chicago
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Culture Canvas Examples

Zappos' Wow Our Customer Culture

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Pixar's Creative & Collaborative Culture

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Atlassian's No-Bullshit Company Culture

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Slack People-First Company Culture

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Southwest Airlines Fun & Loving Culture

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