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Workplace Culture Design

Turn your culture into a competitive advantage by increasing trust, experimentation, and agility. We map and assess your current culture and help you design your ideal culture.

Why Culture Design?


Culture Is the Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Technology changes. Markets evolve. Products come and go. However, a strong company culture cannot be replicated by your competitors – it’s the only enduring competitive advantage. 

We help teams and organizations map and design powerful, fearless cultures.

How We Can Help You

Culture Design Services

Accelerate Cultural Change and Business Transformation

Turn your workplace culture into a competitive advantage. Our culture design consulting services will help you increase agility, speed, and innovation.


We offer three types of services leveraging the Culture Design Canvas, our proprietary tool that’s used by more than 100,000 professionals and organizations globally.

1. Map Your Current Culture

Increase clarity and alignment by putting your culture in words. Map the gaps between the official culture and how it’s perceived across different areas of the organization. 

We facilitate collaborative sessions to map the existing culture, identify gaps, and uncover areas for improvement.

2. Assess Your Current Culture

Get a comprehensive diagnostic of the type of culture you have, assess the key building blocks of culture, and understand what's working and not before designing your ideal culture.

We run a quantitative assessment of your current culture uncovering the dominant type of culture, gaps across the organizations, and cultural dimensions that need to be improved.

3. Design Your Future Culture

Build a future-proof culture that will help you achieve your business goals. Assess each of the key building blocks of the Culture Design Canvas. 

We facilitate collaborative sessions to refresh or transform your Purpose, Core Values, Behaviors, Meetings, Decision-Making, and Psychological Safety, among other cultural elements.  

Are you ready to build a fearless culture?

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