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Your AI Culture Coach

Pick my brain and get 24/7 culture design advice

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The AI workplace culture chatbot

GUS is here to support you 24/7 along your culture evolution journey

GUS is the AI version of me (Gustavo Razzetti).

It’s a custom conversational AI chatbot trained to give you personalized coaching, advice, and mentorship about your workplace culture based on my decade’s worth of knowledge and experience.

I created it to become an accessible expert 24/7 resource…

…that any team leader, consultant, facilitator, or HR professional who wants coaching from me can get it – anytime you want, anywhere you want it. The next best thing to having a chat with me.

How can GUS help me?

GUS can equip you with tips, insights, and tools on topics including:
How to improve your team or company culture
How to increase trust, belonging, and collaboration
How to facilitate courageous conversations to drive change

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Here's what clients are saying about the AI Culture Coach

“I needed an outline for a client workshop. I had ideas but wanted some validation. GUS kept me from overcomplicating things and gave me helpful language to frame my thoughts.”

“Our culture is changing a lot, and GUS helped me explore paths to keep everyone aligned. I was surprised and felt appreciated. I was expecting information, but I also received coaching and support.”

“I was preparing for a workshop with my team and was looking for new exercises. I got some reading and video tips to dive deeper. Easy and spot on!”

“GUS asked me many follow-up questions that helped me rethink and deepen the real challenge I needed to focus on. It helped me to move beyond the symptoms.”

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How was GUS trained?

Great question! GUS was trained on my frameworks and content, including:
- Thousands of articles
- Four books
- Hundreds of tools and exercises
- And more

I meticulously trained it and fine-tuned the style and tone so it delivers a mentoring experience as close to mine.

GUS will only get better and smarter over time.

AI coaching will never replace Fearless Culture consulting and human facilitation, but it’s available 24/7 for your burning questions, day-to-day challenges, and brainstorming.

How can I try GUS?

GUS is now available at a discounted, early-trial price (offer limited to 100 first subscribers)

You can also try it for free for one day.

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Disclaimer: GUS is an artificially intelligent model and not a real person. We cannot be held responsible for any advice given. Please exercise due caution. This chatbot follows GDPR and your data will not be shared with anyone.

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