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Training – Culture Design Certification

Certified culture design facilitators are experienced change makers who can tackle unique challenges. They’re trained in the Culture Design toolkit and have mastered the art of building fearless cultures.

Stand Out from the Crowd


Why Become a Certified Culture Facilitator?

The Culture Design Certification program will help you grow both your practice and career. There are thousands of culture consultants and facilitators around the world using our methodology, the certification journey will ensure you stand out. 

Working through this program and one-on-one with the Culture Design Canvas creator Gustavo Razzetti, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle any culture design challenge. 

By becoming a certified Culture Designer, you’ll be part of an exclusive community, access to new business opportunities, and take your facilitation skills to the next level.

Culture Design Certification

Program Breakdown

Do I Qualify?

This program is for experienced facilitators who are passionate about building fearless cultures. We only accept 10 people per cohort – we run a couple of certification programs per year.  

To apply to this program, you must first complete: 

Once you are accepted, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Facilitate four culture design workshops within a six-month period – either with a client or with a team within your organization
  • Actively participate in the Fearless Culture community on Circle and other platforms
  • Publish an article sharing your experience using the Culture Design Canvas
  • Develop a new method or new way of using the Culture Design toolkit
  • Complete a personalized challenge

What You’ll Gain

1.    A unique and personalized learning experience

2.    Five working sessions with Gustavo

3.    Monthly one-hour mastermind sessions with an exclusive group of culture designers

4.    Access to the Fearless Culture community

5.    Display your certificate and badge to stand out from other facilitators

6.     You’ll be included in the Fearless Culture website

7.     Access to potential business opportunities for collaboration

The cost of the program is $ 2,450 per person. You will only pay if your application is approved.

Apply Now

Why Become Certified?

Upgrade Your Facilitation Skills

1.    Experiment & Grow

The certification program is an opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills. You’ll learn by doing and by reflecting on the different challenges you will tackle.

2.    Coaching Sessions with Gustavo

Over the course of the certification, you’ll have 5 (five) one-to-one working sessions with Gustavo Razzetti. You can use them to learn and reflect together – either after completing an assignment or when needing support on a client project.

3.    Personal Exploration

You will complete the certification program at your own pace. You don’t need to rush to get certified; it’s vital that you spend the necessary time to complete all the steps and exercises, at your own pace.

4.    Your Challenge

Each participant will be assigned a specific challenge based on your personal journey and experience. This could include creating a new tool, developing new exercises, or completing a specific challenge with a client.

5.    Limited Cohort

The certification experience is limited to a few participants at a time. You’ll be able to learn from other professionals as well as join the exclusive monthly mastermind sessions. Apply now to book your space.

Become a Certified Culture Designer

How Do I Apply?

Culture Design Certification Selection Process

1.   To become one of the 10 selected candidates, please fill out the form below. It includes a series of questions to get to know you better, understand why you want to join, and see if you have what it takes to complete the journey.

2.   We’ll get back to you to let you know if you’ve been selected (we might schedule a follow up call if necessary).

3.   You don’t need to pay any fees to apply. You will only pay once you're accepted to join the program.

Apply Here

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Everything You Need to Know about the Certification


What are the benefits of the certification

You will upgrade your skills and become more confident about facilitating the culture design toolkit.

The certification will help you stand out from other facilitators and give you more visibility and access to new opportunities.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Depending on your commitment, it could take anywhere from 6to 9 months. You’ll work at your own pace and collaborate with cohort members inlive sessions and our exclusive online community.


Based on previous cohorts, we’ve learned that peer-to-peercollaboration and support are vital to help participants succeed.

What are the requirements to join?

You must have completed both the Culture Design Masterclass and the Build a Fearless Program. If you haven’t already, you have time to attend before the program kicks off.


You must also complete the submission form – the certification is limited to 10 participants.  


Once accepted into the program, you will have to pay USD2,450 to start the certification process. The fee must be paid in full before the kick off the program. Due its limited size and selection process, fees are not refundable.


For additional questions, reach out to

How does the program work?

The program combines both asynchronous and synchronous activities. Each participant must complete a personal challenge and achieve fourmilestones. Additionally, you’ll get coaching sessions with Gustavo Razzetti and participate in live sessions with the cohort.


Every month, the group going through the certification process will gather online, hosted by Gustavo, to address different topics from session design and facilitation to creating your own tools and building community.


There will be a total of seven live sessions – one every three weeks – and all participants will vote on the date and time.

What can I expect from my sessions with Gustavo?

By joining the program, you’ll have 5 (five) 20-minute one-on-one sessions with Gustavo Razzetti to receive coaching, support, review your progress, and address any issues related to the certification.

You can also use these sessions to discuss a specific project that you are managing with a client or within your company.

You can schedule the 1-2-1 call at your convenience.

What are the dates?

Registration is open and closes at the end of November.

We will host a meet and greet call in December to get to know your cohort and prepare yourself for success.

The program will officially kick off in mid-January/ early February, depending on the participant’s availability.

The live session will be scheduled one by one – participants will vote to select a date/ time that works for everyone.

You can schedule the coaching calls with Gustavo at your own convenience.

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