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Team Offsite

Align your team and tackle pressing challenges. Cut through assumptions, harness the power of the group, and reignite stalled projects. We facilitate virtual and in-person retreats to advance your team’s game.

Why Host a Team Offsite?

Liberate Your Team’s Potential

It’s Time to Get Your Team Aligned

A successful team offsite can boost your team’s performance. Strengthen bonding, reflect on what’s working and what’s not, tackle a special project, or focus on the future.

We Design and Facilitate Virtual Team Retreats

Team Offsite Breakdown

Why Hold a Team Retreat?

Whether you are a new team that wants to get together, a high-performing team that wants to take its game to the next level, or a team that’s going through a rough patch, a retreat will help reflect on what’s working, identify areas of opportunity, and create new solutions to move your team forward.

We design and facilitate virtual and in-person team retreats – all are customized to your specific challenges.

What You’ll Achieve

1. Reflect on what’s working (and not)

2. Align the team around a shared purpose

3. Reset the operating system

4. Define short and long term goals

5. Boost morale and teamwork

6. Experiment with new behaviors and tools

7. Accomplish more in limited time

We Offer Three Types of Team Retreat

1. Team Timeout

When was the last time you called a timeout?

High-performing teams need to pause and reflect to continue playing at their best. The Team Timeout retreat is ideal for when a team is facing a turning point or about to kick-off a new project. 

Take distance from the day-to-day activities. Reflect on what’s working, identify areas for improvement, and prepare for the next phase of the game.

2. Team Reboot

Do You Need to Reset Your Team?

Even the most successful teams get stuck from time to time. Getting back on a winning streak is not easy; you must reset the operating systems and norms.

The Team Reboot offsite is ideal for relaunching how a team operates, works, and creates together. Upgrade your team mindset and behaviors, adopting new ways to accelerate change.

3. Team Stabilization

Does your team need to go to the ER?

When dealing with toxic teams, in order to improve performance, you must first stop the bleeding. Inaction can only make things worse. 

The Team Stabilization offsite is perfect for groups going through a vicious cycle. Create a safe space, jumpstart dialogue, and reignite collaboration to get your team back on track.

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