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Training – Build a Fearless Culture Program

Design a culture that propels your organization into the future. Master the key eight building blocks of workplace culture. Learn how to design agile, collaborative, and innovative cultures.

Why Fearless Cultures?


Master the Eight Blocks of Culture Design

Most organizations don’t lack ideas, talent, or resources. Instead, they need a conducive culture that helps people do the best work of their lives. What would happen if you could build that culture?

Driving cultural change requires intentional design and action. This program will help you master the key elements of workplace culture: Purpose, Core Values, Psychological Safety, Rules & Norms, Feedback, Decision-Making, and more. 

Get all the tools, skills, templates, and resources needed to design a Fearless Culture.

Build a Fearless Culture

Course breakdown

Who Should Attend

This program is ideal for team leaders, consultants, senior executives, HR and organizational developments pros, and startup founders. If you want to take your team or company culture to the next level, this course is for you.

Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of their experience with culture design.

What You’ll Learn

1. Create a purpose-driven, agile culture

2. Acquire actionable tools to drive innovation

3. Speed-up your decision-making process

4. Increase trust, participation, and collaboration within your team

5. Accelerate feedback, creativity, and engagement

6. Provide people with the confidence to challenge themselves

Live Virtual Program

The 8 Modules

Build a Fearless Culture Program

Master the eight most critical elements of workplace culture. Through the live virtual program, you'll learn the skills, mindsets, and tools to help you and your team work faster and smarter together.

Click here to download the program.

The course will take place for two and a half hours, once a week, on Tuesdays from 8:30 am to 11:00 am US Central Time. Check your local time.

1. Purpose Workshop

Drive people to do the best work of their lives by creating a meaningful purpose that employees want to achieve together.

2. Core Values Workshop

Define principles that advance positive behavior. Learn to define and select meaningful core values.

3. Psychological Safety Workshop

Build a culture that promotes participation and innovation, not silence. Create a safe space that enables courageous conversations.

4. Feedback Workshop

Help people grow by learning from each other. Create a culture of regular, peer-to-peer feedback.

5. Ritual Design Workshop

Small, symbolic acts create a shared identity and alignment. Design powerful team rituals to drive enduring behavioral change.

6. Meetings Workshop

Meetings is how teams make work happen – they can be effective, or a waste of time. Design and facilitate effective meetings people want to attend.

7. Decision-Making Workshop

Speed is a competitive advantage – now more than ever. Learn how to make faster, smarter decisions.

8. Rules & Norms Workshop

Dumb rules frustrate your best people. Learn how to clarify expected behaviors without hindering collaboration and autonomy.

Build a Conducive Culture


Culture Design Masterclasses on Zoom

1. Master culture design

Dive deeper into each of the 8 key building blocks of the Culture Design Canvas. 

2. Learn by doing

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll apply exercises and tools that you can then bring back to your organization.

3. Be part of a wonderful cohort

Through this journey, you’ll collaborate with and learn from a diverse and international group of professionals from different walks of life.

4. Join from anywhere 

This live workshops series is facilitated via Zoom and Mural, so you can access it from wherever you live. 

5. Experiment safely

This program is the perfect opportunity for those who want to try new tools and behaviors without the pressure of your work environment.

6. Get templates and facilitation guide

After each session, you will receive tools, exercises, templates, and facilitation guides that you can apply right away.

Only 12 Seats Available

Reserve Your Spot Now

Build A Fearless Culture Program on Zoom

Tickets are on sale for the May/ July cohort. Save $300 if you sign up before April 29. Early bird price: $995  (regular price: $1,295). 

You can also purchase individual workshops. Reach out to let us know which one you’ll attend.

Tue May 25 - July 13, 2021 8:30 - 11:00 am US Central at Zoom

Check your local time
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Everything You Need to Know Program


When does this workshop series start?

The first module starts on May 25, 2021 and the last one on July 13, 2021. If you cannot make it this time, reach out and we'll let you know when we launch a new cohort.

Do I need to take all 8 workshops?

We recommend that you take the entire program. However, if you are not interested in all the modules, you can attend the ones that you like. Each workshop is independent, though they complement each other.

How long does each session last?

Each workshop lasts two and a half hours, including a 10 minute break. We start and end on time.

Do I need to prepare ahead of each session?

We send an exercise prior to each session that could take you anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. By preparing ahead, we maximize the live interaction.

Where can I see the content of each module?

Click on the following link to download a PDF with the schedule and tentative outline per workshop.

What materials will I get at the end of the session?

After each session, you'll get a copy of the presentation, links to download the tools and facilitation guides, additional reading, and a copy of all the exercises you completed. We'll also share the recording in case you missed the live session.

Do I need to be an expert on the Culture Design Canvas to join?

No. Although we recommend that people first attend the Culture Design Masterclass, some participants have attended this program without taking the Masterclass first.

What happens if I can't make it to the session?

This is a LIVE online program; if you can't attend one session, you'll still get the video recording and all the follow-up materials and tools – you'll just miss the live interaction.

What's the cancellation policy?

In the unlikely event that the workshop is canceled, the session will be rescheduled to a date that works for all participants.

If you cannot attend the workshop, you will receive the recording of the live session and all follow-up materials. Sorry, but due to the small size of our masterclasses, we don't offer a refund to no-shows.

Reach out if you have any additional questions.

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