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We Help Accelerate Cultural Change & Business Growth

Within every team is a collection of great ideas waiting to be unleashed.

gustavo razzetti is the ceo of fearless culture design here he is speaking at a conference about workplace culture innovation and agility
Gustavo Razzetti's Quest to Design Powerful Cultures

Build a Fearless Culture

We’re Here to Help Design Your Cultural Transformation.

After two decades in the marketing and innovation consulting world, helping Fortune 500 companies build purpose-driven brands, Fearless Culture founder Gustavo Razzetti came to the realization that most organizations don’t lack ideas, talent or resources. Instead, they lack a conducive culture where collaboration, creativity, and agility can thrive.

Gustavo created Fearless Culture, a workplace culture consulting firm, to help develop purpose-driven organizations. Through facilitated service offerings such as culture design workshops, consultancy and masterclasses, Razzetti and his team will help you map, assess, and evolve your workplace culture.

Razzetti is a sought-after speaker, culture consultant, and best-selling author of four books, including the recent Remote, Not Distanta roadmap to build a strong culture for remote and hybrid teams. His work has been featured in The New York Times, BBC, Fortune, Psychology Today, and many others.

Used by over 500,000 professionals in over 50 countries, the Culture Design Canvas is a powerful framework to codify, design, and build a strong team and company culture.

Improve your culture, improve your results.

Our Approach

Core Values


“We tell leaders what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.”


“We help teams lead and create from a place of courage."


“We tackle limiting mindsets to unleash the collective wisdom of your organization."

Design a Purpose-Driven Organization

Let Innovation Thrive

Improve Trust, Experimentation & Agility

We are committed to helping organizations accelerate cultural change and business growth, using our decades of experience to identify the obstacles that get in the way of teams achieving their best results.

Our workplace culture consultancy delivers tried and tested workshops to tap into the collective power of your company or team, inviting innovation to prosper and thrive.

Fearless cultures – unlike fearful ones – are more human, agile, and innovative.

a team building workshop facilitated by fearless culture in chicago
Our Culture Design Experts

Meet Your Team

Gustavo Razzetti CEO of Fearless Culture helps companies become more purpose driven agile and innovative

Gustavo Razzetti

CEO & Culture Designer

Gustavo is on a mission to help people do the best work of their lives. Razzetti has 30+ years of experience in innovation, marketing, and workplace culture consulting.

Sofia Ansaldo

Culture Designer

Sofia is a culture designer who helps companies build fearless cultures. She facilitates workplace culture design sessions and change workshops, and coaches executives and teams.

Anish Hindocha

Culture Designer

Anish is a cultural change consultant and facilitator who has led large programs in financial services, telecommunications and public sectors.

Julie Mandal

Culture Designer

Julie supports organizational and team culture design, and executive development with a focus on non-profit organizations. She advocates that we not let fear drive the bus, yet give it a seat on the bus.

Marcos Benedit

Culture Designer

Marcos is a culture designer and executive coach whose purpose is to transform Ibero-American leaders and organizations. He has 20+ years of experience leading people departments for IT, startups, and multinational companies.

Rebeca Blanco Carrillo

Culture Designer

Rebeca is on a mission to promote cultural transformation in people, organizations, and countries in order to lead a sustainable life, through services, knowledge, and collaboration.

Elke Sanz

Culture Designer

Elke is a consultant and facilitator who helps organizations succeed by engaging, enthusing and enabling people to lead and embed behavior change and positive worplace cultures.

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