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Remote Not Distant – Hybrid Culture Workshop

The (workplace) culture that got you here won’t get you there

Discover how to thrive in a post-pandemic world

How to Improve Your Hybrid Work Culture?

Thrive in the new hybrid workplace

Yes, you can build culture remotely. It requires thinking differently and to embrace an approach that combines flexibility and discipline. Learn the methodology and insights to increase belonging, productivity, and collaboration.

The Remote Not Distant Program is not a silver bullet, but a roadmap to adapt your culture to the reality of work. It requires continuous experimentation and to avoid one-size-fits-all solutions.

Get all the tools, templates, skills, and resources you need to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

The Remote Not Distant - Course Breakdown

Hybrid Work Program

Are you ready for this program?

Join this live, 5-session program by Gustavo Razzetti, the author of the Amazon best-selling book "Remote, Not Distant."

This program is for change makers, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders facing new challenges – are you willing to challenge your practices to thrive in the hybrid workplace?

During this program you will:

  1. Discover the principles of a hybrid workplace
  2. Bring together the best of both worlds: Remote and In-person
  3. Create a strong sense of belonging regardless of where your team works from
  4. Minimize the pains: Zoom fatigue, tensions, lack of trust, and silos
  5. Maximize the gains: flexibility, focused work, collaboration, and productivity
  6. Rethink collaboration in the new workplace
  7. Build a thriving hybrid culture – one experiment at-a-time
What You’ll Learn

Hybrid Work Culture Program Approach

Working remotely shouldn't mean feeling distant. Through this live virtual program, you'll learn the skills, mindsets, and tools to build a strong Anywhere/ Anytime hybrid work culture. 

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The "Remote, Not Distant" program includes: five (5) live two-and-a-half hour sessions once a week, plus continuous learning and collaboration in the Fearless Culture private community.


Here's the breakdown of the five sessions:

Session 1: Reset Your Culture

The culture that got you here won't get you there.

Discover the five mindset shifts required to succeed in a hybrid workplace and how you can build a strong remote culture.

You'll learn how to build culture remotely and how to facilitate the Culture Reset Canvas among other exercises and activities.

Session 2: Reimagine a Shared Future

Why does your team exist?

Discover how to imagine a shared future to align your team and how to stay focused when the going gets tough.

You'll learn how to design a team purpose and define expected behaviors for your hybrid team.

Session 3: Reignite Belonging

We are social animals – we need to belong in order to thrive.

Discover how to create people connected and engaged in a distributed team. We'll challenge the convention that distance harms your culture.

You'll learn how to facilitate the Psychological Safety Ladder and create a culture of ongoing feedback.

Session 4: Rethink Collaboration

Our idea of collaboration is broken.

Discover how to protect deep work and to choose between "me-time" and "we-time," leveraging the '6 modes of collaboration.'

You'll learn to rethink the way your team collaborates, combining the best of both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

Session 5: Release Agility

Autonomy is the new engagement – ownership begets accountability.

Discover how to release agility by removing limiting rules and decentralizing decision-making.

You'll learn to facilitate the Hybrid Team Canvas and codify team agreements.

What You’ll Learn


  1. Experiential learning

This is a hands-on, interactive program. Set your own goals of what you want to get out of the program.

  1. Challenging and intensive

Be ready to challenge yourself and your ideas about culture. The program combines live online classes, pre-work, discussions in the Fearless Culture comunity, and working on your own culture.

  1. Learn from others

Gather feedback and insights from a diverse cohort. Learn from like-spirited leaders from around the world.  

  1. Join from anywhere

The live classes are facilitated by Zoom and MURAL so you can access the program from wherever you live. 

  1. Experiment Safely

This is a safe space for you to experiment with new behaviors and tools outside of the pressure of your work environment.

  1. Get Templates and Facilitation Guide

You will receive an extensive packet with tools, exercises, templates, and facilitation guides.

Limited Cohort

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Tickets are on sale for the November 2022 cohort. Book your spot before it’s too late.

November 2, 2022 - November 30, 2022 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM CDT

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